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Harini Deepakeswaran

Ms. Deepak

Mrs. Deepak's Website

Hello, I am Harini Deepak. I am a preschool teacher at Live Oak Elementary School. I have been teaching preschool kids for 4 years and helped many preschoolers graduate to kindergarten successfully. I qualified myself in  Early Child Development and have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Jose State University.  I also have a Masters in Business Administration. 

I  love teaching preschool children and I do that by engaging their curiosity,  exploration, aided by music and movement.Overall, my classroom will be a positive atmosphere where kids meet and exceed their learning goals. 

I live in Dublin with my husband and a teenage daughter. Look forward to knowing more about your kids soon!

" Education gives you wings to fly. " - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


SRVUSD Pre-School (K2) PM


Mary Liddle 



Mrs. Liddle

Farrah Djaja







Sandra Webb

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Speech and Language


Daphne Thomas Mirr, M.A., CCC-SLP











Jasmine Aviles

























Jasmine Aviles - Speech and Language Pathologist Preschool

Cameran Wylie (Herley) - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist

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Hello, I am Mary Liddle. I teach preschool at Live Oak Elementary. I have been teaching in the district for 18 years. I have taught preschool through 5th grade. I enjoy working with students 3 to 5 years old. I create a classroom environment of learning, play, and care.

Although I enjoy working with the little ones, I have three grown daughters who have graduated and are working their dream jobs! I live locally and run into former students in the community often.

Maybe I will run into your family soon!


Room K1




Hello, my name is Farrah Djaja and I am thrilled to be teaching preschool at Live Oak this year! I have been in the district for three years now. I worked at the ARC preschool program where we focus on behavioral management strategies along with following the preschool curriculum. I am beyond excited to help provide family support and education to all of my students. I love to keep learning fun and focus on play-based learning here at our preschool program.


Mrs. Webb's Website


Hi, my name is Sandra Webb and I am excited to teach preschool at Live Oak Elementary!  This will be my sixth year as a classroom teacher for young children with special needs. Throughout my career, I have worked with special needs students of all ages, infants through adults, giving me a helpful perspective in my work with preschoolers and families. My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Human Development from UC Davis, an elementary multiple subject credential from Chapman University, and both a credential and a master’s degree in Special Education - early childhood emphasis, from San Jose State University. My husband and I have lived in the San Ramon Valley area for 20 years.  We have two boys who are now grown, one finishing college (On Wisconsin!) and one living and working in SF.
I love teaching preschool and helping children learn through play, exploration, music, and movement.  Together, I and our classroom staff provide a welcoming place for preschoolers which facilitates student engagement and fun. I’m looking forward to learning more about your child this year as we play and grow together!



Preschool Para-educators:

Cheryl Dreebin 

Anita Robinson

Mirna Macias  


CEIA Autism Specialist Para-educators

                                        K3                                                                               K5

                            Francesca Dungo                                        Erikka Hernandez - lead

                            Anshuka Bakshi                                           Lisa Donahue

                            Patricia Onizuka                                           Marcy Schorman

                              Marcela Varela                                                Julie Cordes-Jones

                              Lourdes Abregana                                         Ana Bosch

                              Kim Gallagher                                                Christina Lyons

                                                                                                        Fatima Khan

                                                                                                        Sue Shami

I am the preschool speech language pathologist (SLP) and very excited to be a part of the team at Live Oak Elementary! I provide speech and language therapy, collaborate with our preschool team, conduct preschool assessments, and supervise our preschool Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA).

Over the past 18 years, I have worked in clinical and public-school settings supporting young children from preschool through elementary ages. I have experience treating a wide range of communication disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders, articulation and motor speech disorders, receptive and expressive language delays, and speech and language concerns associated with Down Syndrome and Rett Syndrome.  I am particularly interested in current research in areas of language development and evidenced-based speech and language intervention. My areas of continued education include dynamic assessment, fluency, areas of assistive and augmentative communication, the Picture Exchange Communication System, early intervention through the Hanen Centre, and Social Thinking.

Currently, I am licensed as a Speech-Language Pathologist by the state of California, hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, and an active member of the California Speech-Language Hearing Association.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Texas, Austin. 

On a personal note, I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, reading, playing piano and singing, and watching my daughter play soccer at Loyola University, Maryland (Go Greyhounds!).

While I am passionate about working with preschool students, I look forward to working closely with their families to facilitate effective communication skill development and implementation.




Hi, my name is Jasmine Aviles and I am super excited to provide preschool speech and language therapy services at Live Oak Elementary!  This is my 10th year as a school-based speech language pathologist and I love working with children and their families to support their communication skills through play, stories, music and movement activities.

I am a SF Bay Area native and I feel fortunate to have grown up, attended school and raised a family in this beautiful and unique area. My educational background includes an undergraduate and graduate degree in Communicative Disorders from San Francisco State University. Go Gators!

When I am not at work, I can usually be found exploring, hiking and camping with my family, especially when our 3 kids are off school and back home from college. My oldest is exploring a degree in Environmental Science, my daughter is beginning her doctoral studies for Occupational Therapy and my youngest son is starting his senior year in high school. It is has been so exciting to watch our children grow 

“Play is the biggest form of research.” – Albert Einstein