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Ed Fund Read A Thon


We are excited to announce our 11th Annual Live Oak Read-A-Thon benefiting the Live Oak Education Fund! This annual fundraiser is supported by sponsored pledges from family and friends and every dollar raised from the Read-A-Thon directly supports the library and reading programs. The pledge amount can be a flat donation or based on the number of minutes the student reads during the ten day time period.  

The Sponsor Pledge Form keeps track of the pledges from family and friends and the Reading Journal helps your child keep track their reading. Parents may read to children grades K-2. Every reading material (assignments, reports, articles) counts! The pledge form must be returned to school with any funds collected by 4/29. Please do not send cash and make checks out to LOEF with your child's name, class, and teacher in the memo. 

We encourage you to use online pledging to collect donations and each child will have their own campaign link. Please log in to LiveOak FutureFund to access your child's individual campaign under the Account tab and follow the instructions to donate and invite friends and family with a separate link. 


Now-April 15th               Solicit Sponsors

April 15th                        Read-A-Thon begins—

                                  START READING and logging minutes

April 25th              Read-A-Thon ends—STOP. 

                                This is the last date to log minutes


April 29th               LAST DAY to return Sponsor Sheet

                                 and online pledge money


Thank you for your participation and supporting the Live Oak Education Fund!