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Go for the Gold

Show your school spirit by wearing your TK shirt every Wednesday or a Live Oak shirt!

Dates to Remember


4/22  Earth Day

4/24 Hat Day

5/8 Forest Home Field Trip

5/16  Open House 6-7pm

5/22  Outside Interest Day

5/27  Memorial Day-No School

5/29  Grade Color Day

5/31  Last Day of School-Minimum Day 8-10:30am


Stay Connected

Art with Mrs. Srisha

Go to Mrs. Srisha's website to see what students are learning and the projects they complete.  TK loves when she comes to teach!

Transitional Kindergarten


Click HERE to access the sign up google doc.


Week of April 22nd


Volunteers for week of April 22nd:

     Mon 4/22 - Neelam

     Tue 4/23 -  ?

     Wed 4/24 - Library: ?

                          Psychomotor:  Alex & Mariam

     Thu 4/25 - Heather

     Fri  4/26 - Priya


Student of the Week:  Ryan


Letter of the Week:  Xx - Mr. X-ray


Language Arts:  Our letter of the week is Xx.  We will meet our alphafriend Mr. X-ray and learn his song.  We will learn the sound of the letter Xx as we identify objects that begin  and end with the Xx sound.  For our ABC art book, we will cut and glue a xylophone .  We will also practice writing upper and lowercase Xx correctly as we work in our journals.  


Math:  In math, we will continue to focus on symmetry.  We will make pictures with symmetry and paint a butterfly.


Science:  In science, we will continue our focus on spring and ducks.  We will use our five senses as we talk about the changes we see in spring.  We will begin talking about what plants need in order to grow.  We will prepare our garden table for upcoming planting.


We will continue to work on our pencil grip to strength our hands.  We will also begin working on writing our names correctly in "title case".  Students must write their name with the first letter as a capital with the remaining letters in lowercase.  This is a standard on the report card for TK.


Click HERE for a video showing proper pencil grip and the song we sing in class.

Letter Writing

Click the links below for worksheets that give the correct formation and vocabulary we use in the classroom when practicing our letters.

Uppercase Formation

Lowercase Formation

Number Writing

Below are the same number writing worksheets we use in the classroom.  Print off and place in a "sheet protector" and write with a dry erase marker.

Number Writing 2-9

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