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Karen Mohr Locker



Mrs. Mohr's 2nd Class - D-7

Last Week Of School....


Report Cards will go home with your child on Friday....Minimum Day Schedule!!




I wish everyone a wonderful summer break... Continue to read and write through the summer months... Enjoy the relaxing months with family and friends... Thank you all for making my last year at Live Oak so special!!! 


Thank You!!!



Homework has finished for the school year but please continue to read throughout the summer and keep up some form of writing (i.e.: journal, letters, write about trips & things of interests,...)




Welcome Spring Time

Every day will will meet on our Number # 21 Line on the Blacktop.




  Curriculum at a glance...

Math: Module 7: Problem Solving with length, money & data

Readers' Workshop: Bigger Books Mean Amping Up Reading Power & Book Club Work

Writers' Workshop:  Variety of work and assessments

Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages

Grammar Rules: Comma Usage/ -ed Added to most action words to tell when something

has already has happened

Social Studies: Money and Markets

Art: Tangrams & Designs

Exploring Science: Habitat Dioramas


Computers: DreamBox; RAZ; TypeTo Learn,...







Additional Academic Highlights

Monday: PE 8:00-8:50 (Blacktop)

Music 9:45-10:15

Wednesday: Science Lab 8:00-8:50 (Blacktop / C-6)

Thursday: Science Lab 8:00-8:50 (Blacktop / C-6)

Friday: Library 12:00-12:30

Eagle's Nest: TBD

Art Teacher: Monthly Lessons

Computers in the classroom weekly=COWS



Looking Ahead: Important Dates

May 27  Memorial Day  No School  Holiday

May 29  Field Day & Barbecue  WEAR YELLOW!!

May 31  Last Day  Min. Day  11:50 Dismissal

      Report Cards go home last day of school