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Karen Mohr Locker



Mrs. Mohr's 2nd Class - D-7

International Festival  April 13th ....  Come Join In The Fun!!

2:30-6:00pm Performances & Food Booths


Shoebox Needed - Please send in one for your child for Science


Readathon - April 15th - April 25th Ask Family and Friends to sponsor you!!



Homework & Spelling Words this Week will go home to study.....

Information will always be posted on Second Grade Website &  Website is also where you will "click" on Homework every week. LOOK for the WEEK & DATE "Click" on it....


***Homework Folders (Green Folders) will go home with the students every day with their daily math work.  Please work at home on the rest of the assignments (i.e.: Reading Comprehension; Reading Log; The Homework Section of the Math (Review); Spelling Words & Sentences)


Math HW: Will go home with your child on Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs.

Reading: Please Fill out the Reading Log Weekly

Reading Comprehension Skills with Questions




Welcome Spring Time

Every day will will meet on our Number # 21 Line on the Blacktop.




  Curriculum at a glance...

Math: Module 6: Foundations of Multiplication & Division: Topic B: Arrays & Equal Groups

Readers' Workshop: Nonfiction  Book Clubs

Writers' Workshop:  Complete Animal Reports

Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages

Spelling: List # 29 /th/ sound & homophones

Grammar Rules: Irregular Plurals/ Comma Usage

Social Studies: Timeline Activities/ Celebrate Americans

Art: Spring Rabbits: Tangrams & Designs

Array Art

Exploring Science: Animal Adaptation

Climates & Landforms


Computers: DreamBox; RAZ; TypeTo Learn,...







Additional Academic Highlights

Monday: PE 8:00-8:50 (Blacktop)

Music 9:45-10:15

Wednesday: Science Lab 8:00-8:50 (Blacktop / C-6)

Thursday: Science Lab 8:00-8:50 (Blacktop / C-6)

Friday: Library 12:00-12:30

Eagle's Nest: TBD

Art Teacher: Monthly Lessons

Computers in the classroom weekly=COWS



Looking Ahead: Important Dates

Mar. 29th 11:50 Dismissal

Apr. 1st-5th Spring Break

Apr.  13th International Festival - Join in the Fun