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Sripriya Gopalan

Science in Room C2


Welcome back to school

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to Science in Room C2!

I am your student’s Science lab teacher.  For this school year, the new California Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) will be the basis of the lessons and learning that will take place in the lab. Students will conduct investigations, solve problems, and engage in discussions that will help nurture their curiosity of the world around them. 

Each student will be provided a science journal, which is an integral part of the science lab work and experience.  In their journal, your student will record science related questions, observations, investigations, and reflections.   By methodically recording their learning in their journal, your student will make connections between their learning in the classroom and the world that they live in.

I am confident that your students and I will have a great year exploring, investigating, and learning.

Best regards,

Mrs. Gopalan


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