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Pennies for Patients

Spelling Bee


Good Luck Sohani!

Explore - Snowflakes

Reading Homework

How to use Google Drawing for Timelines

Life Skills

Our next life skill is knowing how to Give Directions. It is important for students to be able to give directions to their home and places that they go to frequently.  

Notice and Note
Notice and Note
Ways to Push Your Thinking
Ways to Push Your Thinking
Summary Format
Summary Format
Reading is Thinking
Reading is Thinking


Thank you for attending.  Thursday, August 16th 

Links to the presentations can be found below in the Resource Section following Back to School Night.


Digital Citizenship

We use Common Sense Media to proactively teach students to be respectful, responsible, and productive digital citzens.

Summary of our lessons:



Aug: Rings of Responsibility

Sept: Private v. Personal Information

Oct: Digital Citizenship Week

Nov/Dec: Passwords, Hour of Code

Jan: Plagarism, Review AUP

Feb: Legitimate Websites



Here is website with some videos we have watched in class to help with Math Concepts



C4 Expectations
C4 Expectations

Science Lab

Information from Science Lab

10/12/17 2:51 PM
10/12/17 2:55 PM
10/12/17 2:56 PM
10/12/17 2:57 PM
10/12/17 2:57 PM
10/12/17 2:58 PM
8/10/18 11:12 AM
1/23/15 12:55 PM
8/29/17 10:04 AM
3/21/16 12:44 PM

Mrs. Maul's Website

Type to Learn - Now Web-Based

Click here to practice typing.  Students have their log-on information 

Account Code: 23Z5KG

Weekly Update (2/21/19)


Weekly Updates will be posted here for each curriculum area.


Mrs. Nayak -- She supported small group and 1x1 support this week with math, reading and writing lessons.  She also checked spelling sentences.

Spelling --  Students are doing well with Greek and Latin roots.  Packets are getting completed on time and students did well on the first quiz. There are no Spelling City activities for this unit.

Grammar --  We are starting new lessons focusing on nouns.  We continue to review capitalization and punctuation.

Reading --  We continue with historical fiction book clubs and reading By the Great Horn Spoon as a class.  We have focused on learning about the time period and how minor characters are important to the story.

Writing --  We are researching the life of a miner and will write an informational piece (problem-solution) about the Life of a Miner.

Math -- We continue to work with fractions and learning about adding and subtracting fractions.  We are also talking about improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Social Studies -- We are now into the Gold Rush.  We will spend the next four or five weeks working on the growth and development of California during the Gold Rush.  We have started our musical as well, "Gold Dust or Bust". Our performance is Monday, May 6th 8:15-9:15.

Science --  We continue with Physical Science.  There was no Science lesson this week.

Band/Strings -- Mrs. Randall is now seeing all band students at the same time -- 12:30 on T/Th.  Strings still go at 2:00 on T/Th. Congratulations on a terrific winter concert!

Independence Building Activity -- Students are completing their write-up this week and will pick new activities for February.

Current Events - Presentations continue and students have been doing a good job.  Feedback sheets come home in Thursday folders.


SIGN-UP for REMIND Messages


Click here to sign-up for Remind texts. The code to join is @ecd3hb


Homework Policy

See link under Resources for District Homework Policy


Monday:  PE 8:55-9:45, Library/Eagles' Nest 1:25-2:00 EOW 

Tuesday:  Science 8:55-9:45, 12:30-1:15 Beg. Band (all instruments), 2:00-2:45 Strings

Wednesday:  Music 10:55-11:25

Thursday:  12:30-1:15 (all instruments), 2:00-2:45 Strings

Friday: Science 8:55-9:45

Mrs. Nayak - 4th grade para - 100% funded by your Ed Fund donations
Mrs. Nayak - 4th grade para

Current Event Presentations

Friday, Feb. 8: Students 29, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22

Thursday, Feb 14: Students 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15

Friday, Feb 22: Students 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8

Friday, March 1: Students 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


1-2 minute oral presentation about any current event article.  Check out Newsela, Scholastic news, internet resources, magazine, newspapers.  Your choice.  Choose something that interests you.  Schedule by student number will be posted soon.  Students will share articles every 3-4 weeks.

C4 Famous Person

This week's famous person is Agastya


We learned so much about Agastya.  He loves to play basketball and PS4. A favorite place to visit is San Francisco. Agastya has an older brother.  He likes to drink lemonade and eat gummy bears!  We are excited for his 15 Minutes of Fame.  

Next Week: Saanvishri (week of Feb 18)



Favorite Quote

Human Kind, be both.

Gold Dust or Bust Music

Room Parents

Our room parent is Heidi Ellicott-Pesic. Thank you to other parents that will help support our class as well.


Resources for the math curriculum.


Resources for Homework, Lesson videos, parent tips


Extending Math Homework:  See document in Resource area

60 Second Sweep
60 Second Sweep

60 Second Sweep Club Members

Record Holder:  Vividh 25 seconds


Club Members:  Vividh, Pareesa

CAASPP Practice Test

Click Here for practice CAASPP tests



Math Practice - keep all your skills fresh

Stop and Jot - Show Me Your Reading Thinking
Stop and Jot - Show Me Your Reading Thinking